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Our team of international consultants exists to help you discover knowledge that is currently missing, but vitally important for making the best possible decisions about your – or your organisation’s – future.

Intelligently Managed Knowledge (IMK) is what you get when random information, considered in context, and analysed for potential meaning becomes actionable intelligence in the decision-making process.


IMK Group International Research & Consulting is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and provides targeted, global intelligence collection, research, and consulting services. Our network of highly skilled assets extends right across the Japanese archipelago and throughout the Far East, Indo Pacific, Oceania and many regions around the world.

In fact, our alliances, memberships and accreditations – via industry organisations such as the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO), Council of International Investigators (CII), World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.), the Alliance of Business Lawyers (ABL), and Integra International (accounting, tax, auditing) – means we’re tapped into a vast resource of over three thousand expert associates in more than 130 countries across 6 continents.

For us, the intelligence-led research cycle and intelligence production process looks something like this:

Who We Serve


There are various threats
that, if left unchecked, can
ruin a corporate reputation and bottom line. Our work in cross-industry, international research uncovers situations that affect corporate security, identify wrongdoing and mitigate both internal and external risk factors. 


IMK Group helps insurance companies evaluate the legitimacy of a claim. We inquire into circumstances and uncover fraudulent claims. Our broad area of expertise includes death verifications, workers compensation or personal injury claims, suspicious travel claims and identity theft.  


Our inquiry agents assist the legal profession and other and related organisations with broad-scope expertise across a range of criminal and civil matters. We partner with a broad range of organisations across international jurisdictions to produce targeted results in a timely manner. 


Our bespoke private inquiry services for individuals
covers – almost anything.
We listen to you, understand your needs, advise you and act on your behalf. Whether it's finding someone, assistance with a defence case, help with a family matter, or to settle a dispute - we can help.


Our targeted research and consulting services provide mission-effective assistance to Not for Profit and Non-Governmental Organizations. IMK Group also targets NPOs and NGOs themselves when suspected wrongdoing is reported. Such negative exposure can affect overall mission focus and credibility. 


Public sector inquiries are as broad and varied as
those in the private sector.
We assist various
agencies with everything from
candidate background
checks to inquiries
within government departments,
and the overt / covert collection of  intelligence. 

*IMK Group does NOT take infidelity cases

**IMK Group offers bespoke services to government agencies whose nations are members of the “Five Eyes” (FVEY) intelligence alliance and its approved allied partners only.


What We Do


Whether it is a Workplace Inquiry to uncover wrongdoing or assisting the HR due diligence process, IMK Group inquires into cases to ensure that companies are operating smoothly and within the law.


An IMK Group Factual Inquiry involves discovering the facts of a matter, collecting a body of evidence and presenting the completed case outcomes to the client, law enforcement for further action, or in court proceedings.


Our inquiries into illegal attempts to receive compensation include false or inflated insurance claims, cases of identity theft, and the use of stolen credit cards. We also help prepare legitimate claims for submission.


Our agents collaborate with law enforcement, civil
litigators, and other private
clients to monitor people, activities, and locations - openly or in secret - to collect intelligence which may be useful in an inquiry.


IMK Group assets are secretly placed in situations where it would be otherwise
impossible to collect intelligence - such as cases involving harassment, kick-backs, industrial espionage, substance abuse and fraud.

Process Serving

Failing to deliver court-issued or other important documents fast and in-person can lead to long delays, or worse, cases being thrown out of court. We deliver highly sensitive papers to, sometimes slippery recipients in tricky locations.


Timely intelligence collection underpins any successful
inquiry. IMK Group assists in the overt / covert discovery and collection of information that, when analyzed, illuminates dark spots or gaps in the knowledge stream.

Missing Persons

Our international network of experts assists in tracking down people who may or may not know someone wants to find them. We help re-establish contact with family or friends, find debtors, defendants, witnesses, or beneficiaries.

Forensic Interview

Forensic interviewing is how we systematically test what a victim, witness or suspect knows about a matter. Beyond the usual scope of interviewing vulnerable people, the process often switches from an interview to an interrogation scenario.

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